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Three weeks ago when we went to visit friends in their retirement home, I was amazed to witness something new. The laptop of our friend was moving on its own! No, I don’t mean physically moving but the cursor was moving icons and installing programs on its own! I asked what was going on and they, our friend as well as my husband, explained that this was a program called remote desktop connection. They further explained that the person doing the actions I am seeing in the laptop is in fact, in Czechoslovakia, who is the brother of our friend.

So what exactly is remote access? Remote PC is the leading remote access solution for PCs. With plans starting at $4.95/month with a 30-day trial, one can access his home and office PC anywhere with an internet connection. This is a great way to improve small business productivity offering an easy to use affordable solution. One can access email, data and even pictures from anywhere. These data can also be shared with friends and business partners. It is like converting your PC to an online storage without having to upload. And with recent enhancements that include Vista compatibility, remote meeting option with up to ten users sharing the same desktop is possible.

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20 Nov, 2007 @ 10:11 am
KK aka Tina said:

Hi Teacher Julie,
I couldn’t have survived my tech days without remote access to PCs 🙂

  • Wonderful what technology can do, Tina. I remember reading a Michael Crichton book where remote operation was suggested, and to think this book was written in the 70s. Btw, Tina, I have a wonderful link for your Starbucks contest. I brought in (in a photo of course) something for you. This will appear 11:45pm, Philippine time.

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