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My husband and I have been watching NCIS or Naval Criminal Investigative Service for days now. Yup, we were rather belated in watching this tv series which we were able to get in DVD seasons 1-4. Truth is, we haven’t gotten to that part yet, Season 3 Episode 1, where she was killed by Ari, a Mossad operative. Hubby was browsing through the shows and he saw that she died by a single bullet shot on the forehead, just as Jethro Gibbs, their boss, saw in his dream back in the Season 1.

The character of Caitlin is amazing. Though she was not really believable during the very first episode, her character sort of grow on you. Not just her, everybody else in the series. The characters have their own quirkiness and unique characteristics. I remember Ducky or Dr. Mallard (did you get it), the ME saying something in effect like, “These young people with their ears glued to their MP3 with their self-induced attention deficit disorder behavior”,I had to LOL there. So true. Sometimes they blunder, they banter and but they are a hardworking bunch. Just as I am writing this, hubby is watching and I can hear him chuckle with some of their funny words and actions. The calling is so strong. I gotta go. Nope, not to the head but to watch. Yes, at this unholy hour. So much for bloghopping. All these could wait for tomorrow. Er, later.

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