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In this generation of aesthetically enhanced bodies, everything that needs to be cosmetically enhanced has been experimented on, from nose jobs or rhinoplasty to chin augmentation as well as buttock augmentation. Who would have thought even ear surgery is now being done to reshape the ears? We have seen a lot of people, women especially, with beautiful natural or enhanced faces but we are shocked when we see that behind the glossy and silky hair are two pairs of ears that do not necessarily look nice. Whatever the shape of the ears is, these do not give too much importance if the person does not use his/her ears to maximize learning. How so?

Being a special ed teacher, I consider the ears as one of the most powerful learning tools that a person can have. Why? Because in school, much learning is done through listening and auditory comprehension. Auditory comprehension or reception is the ability to listen to a talking person, processing information that is being relayed and interpreting this information for usage. Although in non-traditional schools, an interactive kind of learning is slowly taking the place of a one-sided teaching where only the teacher is talking and everybody else is listening, still, it pays to listen. And listen well.

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