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Eroticized adolescents? Quite a mouthful.

What does it mean, really? This has been coined in reference to girls in elementary and early teenage years (or middle school years).

When they were still growing up, extreme measure were taken to make sure that they are safe: homes were child-proofed, vaccines were given, helmets and kneepads used, etc.

How come when they are in double-digit age, or sometimes even younger, we allow them to listen to and watch boy-toy sexuality culture to invade their personality. They dress up in clothes designed for adults: skimpy, short, beaded, glittery, straps. They listen to songs, watch MTV, sing and dance to songs whose words are way beyond their understanding. They dance like older women do on stage to entertain men.

What is surprising is that parents allow these things to happen. Why do parents allow their children to grow up fast? They only have a few years to savor their childhood years so why not let them enjoy these years? In fact, they have a whole lifetime being adults so why the rush?

During Ate’s Family week in her school prior to Christmas, each class had a dance presentation. I was just so glad that almost every year that they do this, they dance not to pop tunes but to some older, more meaningful songs. I remember when she was in 4th grade, their dance was like an offering of gifts to God. This SY, in 5th grade, they danced an upbeat religious song. Others had even older songs. In school they sing songs are not mainstream, meaning, not pop. Click here to know what I mean.

P.S. This was a reconstruction of the entry that I lost when my site has been invaded by unknown sources.

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