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November 13, 2006 (Monday) is World Kindness Day.
November 13-19, 2006 is World Kindness Week.
What is kindness? Kindness is the act or behavior of being charitable to others. It is considered as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It is mentioned countless times in the Bible. Click on the kindness word to know some quotes where the word kindness appears in the Bible.

For me, kindness comes in different forms and can be manifested in different ways. We may do acts of kindness in small or big ways but it is the sincerity and love that flows from our heart which are felt by people on the receiving end. Friendship, compassion, helpfulness and forbearance are facets of kindness.

Kindness begins at home. Seeds of kindness are sown in the home. Little acts of kindness done at home reflects on how we treat others outside the secure and loving confines of the home. These acts of kindness require no monetary rewards. People who do these acts of kindness feel happy and inspired. In fact, they glow, knowing that they did something for others that made them feel special. A smile, helping someone in need of help, contributing acts in taking care of the environment, listening to a friend, offering a shoulder to cry on, these are just a few acts of kindness we can offer.

Let us not wait for November 13 to do our act of kindness. What can you do today as your act of kindness?

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