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We went around Tanay, Rizal, yesterday after we heard mass at 11am. First stop was lunch at Chowking in Tanay around 130pm. We were all so hungry we ate the food we ordered in a jiffy. The kids were still asking for their favorite lumpiang shanghai but there was none left. Anyway, after that hearty lunch, we proceeded to our destination, the ever favorite Sierra Madre Resort Hotel. On our way, we saw a sign with the words “Daranak Falls”. Ok, we decided, we will check it out. The way to Daranak Falls is rather lonely. Trees abound on each side of the road. Fenced farms too are seen on either side of the road. There were rocks and leaves strewn on the roads, after-effects of the week-long rains that we’ve had. When we reached the entrance to the falls, the kids were ecstatic to see rushing water, but no waterfalls yet. After paying the entrance fee,we rushed to the bridge, eager to see where the waterfalls can be seen. After navigating through boulders and slippery soil, we finally saw it. Wow! The view of the falls was breathtaking. One can feel the energy of the flowing water. Because of the onslaught of rains, water has been plentiful and tourists few. With the exception of some Japanese or Korean guys and their girlfriends as well as some local guides, we had the place to ourselves. The kids were all staring at the falls. They stood near the rope that was there to prevent people from falling over. We can feel the mist of water spraying on our face whenever the winds blow. It was truly a wonderful experience to savor for sometime.

Sad to say, our happy feelings were replaced by disgust on our way back to the parking lot. We went up the cemented steps which was supposedly closed due to a construction going on near the steps. But because we asked one of the local guides to help us go through that way to avoid going back through the boulders, we were able to pass through those steps. After the going up the steps, we had to navigate down among trees to go to the paved way. What should have been en enjoyable trek through trees proved otherwise. Garbage, as in plastic bags, chips containers, plastic bottles and other unidentifiable trash were littered along the way. In my opinion, this is a blatant disrespect for Mother Nature.Then when hubby and I were discussing about our experience, we noticed that there were no trash bins near the picnic areas. How sad that people are able to enjoy nature at its best but fail to take good care of it.

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hi, daranak falls is really amazing, I love sierra madre hotel too. we’ve been passing through that hotel many times & I was just able to see it 2 weeks ago and the views are amazing. check out the pics in my blog. We re you able to go up to the Batlag Falls?

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