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I thoroughly enjoy watching my Monk DVD set season 1. It has been months since I first thought of buying the set but I wasn’t able find the season 1. There were seasons 3 and 4 but most probably like Adrian Monk I wanted to start with the first season. When I saw a box set of season 1 Sunday night, I got it and watched, and watched. There was a glitch though because DVD1 and DVD2 were unreadable by the DVD player so I had to bring back the set to exchange for a new one. Further disappointments, the same “no disk” appeared on the player. We tried it with a laptop, it worked! Thank heavens!

Adrian Monk is unintentionally funny. To others who do not really know him,he seems to act differently. There were also instances in the show where he almost got in trouble when he used wipes on his hand after shaking someone else’s hand, because he is germophobic. He gets upset when things are not arranged the way its supposed to be, in his perception. He “feels” it when things are not in proper order or perspective. This behavior of his makes him able to solve the crimes he is asked to consult with. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder. To know more about this condition, click here.

Some of us not suffering from this condition also exhibit characteristics seen in persons with ocd. We may even joke about it but really, it seems that it is no laughing matter. OCD “rituals/symptoms” can disrupt everyday life. These quirks, if I may say so, seems senseless to some but not to the person with OCD.

Update: I now have a complete set until Season 5 😀

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