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Last Tuesday (Feb 14,2006) we went to my daughter’s school for the celebration of its 50th anniversary. First we had mass (daughter is a choir member). Then we watched a literary presentation on the school’s famous “mountain”, a cluster of big rocks put together in an elevated manner with trees and grass on top and around it. My daughter was one of the performers in her group Tunog Lira (Lyre group). The little kids enjoyed running around the area.Everything was fine except when Tania started crying when she saw smoke from the grilling stations for hot dogs.

After the program, the audience had community singing, candle lighting and hot dog roasting. The candle lighting was a very significant event because they are going to say goodbye to their beloved mountain to give way to the construction of a building.The significance of the activity is also felt because there were visitors during the program: alumni and grandparents of some of the students there whose parents were also students years ago. It was a reunion of sorts of these parents whose children graduated then and whose grandchildren are now studying in the school. Testimonies of fun, adventure and of feeling good were shared. Why, even the teachers of the moms of my daughter’s friends who studied there are still teaching there! One will wonder “What is it that these parents enjoyed in the school that they want their children to experience too?”

If one would observe the children in school, they are different from students in other school. They are happy, dirty, noisy, happy, confident, happy..They are happy. One can feel their energy by just watching them play, interact with one another and perform in front of people. The children can sing songs that are quite old-fashioned. They are friends with their teachers and principal. They go through a learning process that is different from traditional setting because they focus more on the process, not with the product. They are enjoying their childhood.

Just this morning (Feb 16, 2006), we watched again our daughter perform with her group together with the Munting Tinig (choir), Tunog Plauta (Flute group) and Tunog Ritmo (Rhythms group). They performed songs like Tea for Two, Stouthearted Men (I don’t even know this song!), Memory, Cuando, Roman Guitar, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, A Child’s Plea, Kataka-taka, Pilipinas…The songs were quite hard for the lyre members because of the fast rhythm but they were enjoying themselves. The audience, mostly primary grades and some HS, were responsive to the beat/music they were making. We are proud of you, dear daughter 🙂

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7 Jan, 2007 @ 12:30 am

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1 Jan, 2009 @ 9:19 pm
Amir said:

Aw… I miss JASMS so much.. And the mountain.. it breaks my heart to see it in its current state… The best years of my childhood was spent there.. 🙁 Nice Site 🙂

21 Feb, 2009 @ 10:10 pm
Liza Velasco said:

hi…i am interested with this kind of school set up. my daughter used to go to a traditional catholic school but had “problems” daw. She started reading CVC when she was 3, at 4 she reads storybooks and spells long words. She worked on and finish her preschool books ahead of time. Then she goes around to her classmates reading to them the instructions. It was a mess everytime she goes home because she did not follow the supposedly “structure”. We left the school and I have been homeschooling her, now I am having a change of heart after reading your blog. Would you recommend jasms to my daughter? please…i would love to hear…big thanks

23 Feb, 2009 @ 6:16 am
julie said:

Amir, those who have experienced the mountains miss it too 🙂 Yes, I know it was difficult to see these things happen especially when a lot of happy students were able to experience the joy of going to that special place. It is sad, yes, but in a way, the students have adjusted and at least, you had happy memories 🙂

23 Feb, 2009 @ 6:23 am
julie said:

Liza, I am sorry to know about your predicament with your daughter’s former school. By the way, I homeschool my two younger kids.

Anyway, of course, I can say I am satisfied with my eldest daughter and her placement now since she has been with the school for 9 years already although I can not speak the same for other parents who have children there.

Maybe its best that you see the school and talk with the guidance counselor about the setup and see if you like it.

Seems like you have a bright girl who got bored just sitting down and waiting for others to finish 😀

26 May, 2009 @ 6:15 pm
Genji said:

It has been 12 years since i last saw JASMS and “The Mountains” and all the images in mind are still fresh, i never looked back nor visited at the new JASMS and Mountain today, maybe because i want to keep the enchanting images kept in my head, that once in my life i was worry free, hate free, pure, sin-free and happy. I only wish i get to see it one last time, just like as it was before… :_(

anyone has old-pictures of JASMS QC, kindly email me,

29 May, 2009 @ 9:46 pm
julie said:

Genji, there are no more mountains along with the part along Benitez St, because that part belong not to the school anymore. One can only enter along EDSA or Philam gate.

i think there is a Facebook account re the school why don’t you try it out?

Thanks for taking the time to comment. If it is ok, I will remove your email address for your privacy 🙂

12 Oct, 2009 @ 12:45 am
Caloy said:

I miss JASMS too ….. best years of my childhood spent in that school.

Teachers I remember …… Fabella, Salvador, Dawates, etc

By the way, during my time there …… MOUNTAIN literally meant “hidden fight” ……. had a few rounds there myself. Hehe.

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